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Baby Bear Yoga with Christine!

Recommended age: babies 1.5/2 months to 6 months/crawling

What is Baby Bear Yoga?
Bond with your new and developing baby as we explore movement, rhymes, infant massage and tummy time tricks together! Sign up via Sawyer below, new classes are always being added.

Class Description:
Baby Bear Yoga focuses on helping your teeny tiny baby to open up and discover their own bodies! It is a wonderful way to bond and spend time with your brand new developing babe in a welcoming and positive setting.

We’ll start each Baby Bear Yoga class by singing hello to all our babies and grownups! We move on to stretching and strengthening your babe’s legs and arms, as well as making connections with different body parts. There’s always a little bit of tummy time as long as babies are into it as well as some bouncing, balancing and maybe a little dance party! We end with a baby massage sequence and then it’s time to say goodbye! Nearly every exercise is accompanied by a song or rhyme, and parents / carers are always encouraged to remember that it’s meant to be a super positive experience for both babies and grownups!

Benefits of Yoga for Babies:
💕provides a fun bonding experience between grownup and baby
💩 promotes healthy digestion in baby
🤸supports baby’s physical development, working on strength, balance and flexibility
🧠supports whole brain learning, encouraging left and right side of the brain to work together
😌 helps soothe baby
🎶 songs and rhymes help with language development and body awareness
📝 … the list goes on!