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christine han-rutledge.

christine han-rutledge.


Hi, I'm Christine! I started this website to bring together my education and experience to share my journey into mamahood and everything I've learned along the way.

My shop page features items I have, loved and recommend. I do a lot of research and place priority on quality and sustainability. This page also has my referral codes and links.

These are all of the books that my husband and I have read and found to be helpful when it comes to pregnancy, postpartum, parenting and babycare. More to come as our family grows!

christine han-rutledge

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Christine’s baby yoga classes were one of the best things I did with my newborn. Her expert knowledge on child development coupled with her fun, down-to-earth attitude and class helped me bond with my new baby. I also noticed my baby becoming stronger with these yoga classes and they would even help calm her when she was fussy. I looked forward to Christine’s classes every week and having them through Zoom made it extremely accessible. Christine’s baby yoga classes not only strengthened my baby's muscles and helped with motor skills but they also helped deepen my connection to my baby - and I always learned something new about child development.

Tayma, Baby Yoga Class Parent, 2021, NYC

I have been following Christine on Instagram since I had my first baby - her tips, info and product recommendations have been so helpful and have saved me so much time in research! Thanks so much Christine for vetting all of these awesome products and constantly posting positive messages!

Instagram Follower

It is clear you make the classroom a warm and welcoming place for all.

Kidville Parent, 2019, NYC

Thank you so much for teaching and caring for our [child] this year. He has grown so much... and we know how much you contributed to his expanding, curious and joyful mind. Our lights all shine and bow down to the light in you. Namaste.

Class Parent, 2018, London UK

We are truly sad to have to say goodbye to you - you have been such a warm, kind and fun-loving teacher and [our child] adores you. I know that her first school experience would not have been the same without you. It’s very clear that you love what you do, and we really appreciate all the love and dedication you bring to the class. We hope you have a great summer! Thank You!

Kidville Parent, 2019, NYC

I absolutely love Christine. She is so wonderful with the children, especially since our classes are mixed age groups, and she is always so flexible and helpful! I hope she is able to join us again in the spring

Ashley, Barrow Street Nursery School, 2019, NYC

I thought Christine was brilliant. It was a great class, thank you...I liked the way Christine was very sensitive to not making your baby do something they weren't comfortable with!

- Rosie, Baby Yoga Class Parent, 2020, NYC