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2nd Baby – 1st Trimester Pregnancy Diary!

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We are pregnant again with our 2nd baby! We had Willa through IVF so we always just assumed we would transfer one of our other 3 frozen blastocysts at a time when we saw fit! As you can imagine, it was a TOTAL surprise but a very happy one when we found out we were pregnant, and I decided to keep a little diary because I did not with Willa and wish I had!

Here is my diary below, but basically, first trimester was poo town for me and interestingly very very similar to my first trimester with Willa.

March 9, 2021: Was late for my period but was not worried because my period since giving birth to Willa has been very wacky. Sometimes late, sometimes early, just nuts. I had emailed my GYN last night asking if I should come in for blood work, and because I knew she’d probably ask me to do a pregnancy test just to rule that out, I had bought one yesterday (along with some Cheetos). I’ve been spotting on and off and had cramps for around 12-13 days as well as having terrible lower back pain, so I was just sort of thinking that any second I will get my period. I even rubbed clary sage oil all over my belly last night thinking it might help get my period finally going. Today being day FORTY of my cycle according to my app, I did the pregnancy test in the morning. Took a photo of it and sent it to Mark who was working out in the living room, thinking that the line was a little blurry, so whatever.

Mark looked at it, thought the line was a little unclear, so whatever. I came out and we sat down and had a coffee and played with Willa, both still thinking it’s probably not the case that I’m preggo so whatever. I said I’d do the 2nd one later. 10 minutes later, Mark picks up his phone to look at the photo again and goes, “WOA WOA WOA WAIT WAIT WAIT.” Turns out we weren’t reading it correctly and actually the pregnancy line is VERY clear, it’s the constant line that is a bit blurry. He goes, you’re “SO PREGNANT THAT IT TOOK ALL THE INK FROM THE OTHER LINE!!” – hahaha!!! I did the second one and, yep. Pregs.

I emailed my GYN who told me to make an appointment with our OBs and we have an appt tomorrow at 4pm to take some bloods and do a scan and see WHAT IS UP.

Mark just told me he woke up this morning and before I did the pregnancy test he was with Willa and had a huge sense and urge that I was pregnant!

Cami also told me that she could see that Willa could sense it for the past few weeks and was being extra needy with me!

March 10, 2021: went to the OB today! It was surreal being back so soon after Willa. Definitely wanted to work with the same doctors again but thought it would be a little while longer. Love our docs. Saw the tiny sprout with yolk sack and tiny heart beat. Sprout is currently due Oct 28, 2021. Felt nauseous and tired today. Blurgggg.

March 11, 2021: Felt good today! Tired in the morning. A bit of cramping. Getting progesterone for the cramping / spotting! Craved / ordered African food! Generally craving the same main thing that I did when I was pregnant with Willa – fresh fruit and veg! Started re-reading my favorite pregnancy book.

March 12, 2021: Got super tired at like 2:30pm, just as Willa was going down for her 2nd nap. Also a bit crampy!

March 13, 2021: Still can’t believe there’s a baby in me!

March 16: 2021: I pinpointed the feeling I’m having – it’s like… PRE-nausea. Blechh.

March 19, 2021: In the Hamptons. Feeling ROUGH. SO tired, soooooo yucky feeling, itchy and tired from progesterone. GAHHHH. Showing already, much earlier the 2nd time around. On the plus side, we are all having a wonderful time in the backyard. So nice to be able to go outside without masks like this. Mark is getting Willa into golf – surprise, surprise! Cami, Mark and I are having little movie nights in preparation for the Oscars which is nice because I can be horizontal for this activity.

March 22, 2021: Woke up ravenous. Gotta get on the bananas in the AM trend again. That’s what I did with Willa and it seemed to do the trick. Mark would feed me a banana in bed almost every morning, haha!

March 24, 2021: Spotting a little bit. Eyes burning from exhaustion. wtf.

March 29, 2021: Back from the Hamptons. Was so so lovely but my body is feeling very run down. Nearly vomited yesterday but didn’t and then Cami did Reiki on me and I think it helped. She said I need to connect with the baby in the belly and I think I need to do that and take a small step back from daily chores / activities. Tricky because Mark is so so so so busy at work and as much as he wants to help he is a way more than full time workin’ man!!!!! Starting to go to bed at 9pm or earlier and taking daily naps.

March 30, 2021: 2nd OB appt today. 8 weeks 5 days pregnant. Our docs recommended getting the COVID-19 vaccine as I’ll pass on the benefits to my baby. I mentioned that although we still have time, I may be feeling a bit more anxious than usual going into the birth because of what happened with Willa (Willa’s birth story blog post to come – it’s a doozy!) and they recommended a great reflexologist who is apparently amazing with getting rid of all such anxiety. Calling her ASAP. Feeling rough. After our appointment we got crepes at the crepe place after the appointment like we did when we used to go to our appts for Willa – was really sweet but also funny as everyone was in masks and we ate outside. Such a different world.

April 5, 2021: Having trouble falling asleep recently – my magnesium cream is amazing and definitely helps but not as much at the moment!

Oh and I ordered a Subway because I saw Keith from the Try Guys eat everything from Subway. Got a BMT. Was super happy about it. Ate half the sandwich before remembering I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT DELI MEATS!!!!!! 😱😱😱🤦🏻‍♀️. Also – today I felt pretty good all day long! Felt like a real human again!

April 6, 2021: Woke up feeling good again. Hoping it will last all day… felt a bit gross mid morning but hoping it will go away!I went to see a pelvic floor therapist just to make sure everything is fine so far, and I went over the whole finding-out-I-was-pregnant story. I guess hindsight is 20/20 or whatever the saying is – just over a week before I found out, I had pretty bad lower back pain. Almost to the point of throwing it out but not quite, and I was in pain for nearly a week. I’ve had little lower back twinges in the past, especially once I started carrying Willa everywhere, but this was something much worse. I made an appt with my chiro and booked a massage, etc. etc. Anyway, discussing it with my PT, she mentioned that it was probably the relaxin that my body started producing once it was preggo. Relaxin is basically a hormone that essentially relaxes all your muscles and apparently it goes up a bunch in the 1st trimester. Anyway this is probably what caused my back pain! So interesting.

April 11, 2021: Had very bad food poisoning last night and through the night. I made a Japanese egg salad sandwich. Mark and Willa ate the same thing and were okay. Same thing happened when I was pregnant with Willa with a hot dog – Mark ate the same hotdog but was totally fine. I feel like my bod just gets super sensitive during 1st trimester and is like, “NO WAY, YOU TINY BAD SOMETHING – GET OUTTA HERE!”?

April 15, 2021: 3rd Visit with our OBs today, I’m 11 weeks pregnant! They said I should be okay with the deli meats debacle as I didn’t have a fever or vomiting afterwards.

April 23, 2021: Had our 12 week scan today – all is well. Have overall been feeling not so hot… just mostly very very tired and little bits of nausea and also some pretty annoying digestive issues. Overall ok tho. We checked the blood test results online and we are having a GIRL so we are very excited about that. Two little girls! Had our 1st COVID vaccine #teamPfizer and then had a bad headache a week later, so that was bad cuz I was in bed all day. Then Goose, Mark and I went away for a night’s getaway to Arnold House in the Catskills which was very nice. The place was in Shandelee so Mark sang “I wanna swing from the Shandeleeeeeeeeee” on repeat. Equally important – we came up with a girl name that we love! Goose was very happy about his little getaway. Back now and counting down the days until the golden 2nd tri times. ANY DAY NOW, PLEASE!

April 27, 2021: Soooooo, I got an email saying my blood test results were back and ready and that was confusing because I thought I already got them back and they said we were having a girl. Logged in to the website and checked it out, turns out we were originally looking at WILLA’s BLOOD TEST RESULTS THAT SAID SHE WAS A GIRL AND OUR ACTUAL TEST RESULTS FOR THIS CURRENT BABY IN MY BELLY SAY THAT IT IS A BOY. Mind blown. So we’re having a boy! It took a hot minute to get over the idea that we would be having 2 girls but we OF COURSE are super happy and can’t wait. Woo! Wild ride.

May 1, 2021: Told our families on Zoom after Willa’s 1st Birthday party that we are pregnant, yay!

May 5, 2021: Had our 4th OB visit – I’m 14 weeks pregnant and the up to date due date is November 3, 2021! All is well with the little guy, I seriously can’t believe a small penis is growing inside of me – hahaha.

May 11, 2021: Have had some good days but generally still rough. People ask me what I mean by rough, and it’s just… feeling like soooooo crappy! Just rough! I cannot describe it any other way.

May 15, 2021: Currently pregnant at 15 weeks + 3 days… I think I’ve officially turned the corner. Making it through the past few days without feeling like I’m going to collapse if I don’t take a nap, and feeling generally good all around! So far I think I’ve been pretty textbook with my symptoms according to Mark’s fave preggo book, and everything seems to be very much what happened with Willa which is both interesting and sort of reassuring!

HELLO 2ND TRIMESTER (I know it started a couple of weeks ago but I FEEL like I’m properly in it now)!!

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